The efficiency our drone technology and experience of our staff, increases the accuracy and reduces the cost of Damage Assesments for Insurances companies. 

Our services provide solutions for a variety of needs including the following:

Roof Damage Inspections - The Florida sun and our wacky weather can wreck havoc on the rooftops of our homes and buildings. Our technology is able to capture high-resolution photos and video near or far.

Post Disaster Claims Inspections - After a hurricane or brutal rainstorm, the damage can cover a large area or be in areas hard for humans to get to. We can get it done at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Fraud Prevention - With the chaos often come the cons. Insurance companies can help reduce the fraud by capturing visual records of the state of property before disaster strikes.

Federal Aviation AdministrationCape Drones is Licensed under the Federal Aviation Administration
LIC #: 4013453

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