What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography is a special type of photography that captures an eye in the sky perspective. Aerial photography as a services has existed for years now, but costs were high as the only way to accomplish this was with a helicopter.  With the widespread adoption of drone technology, aerial photography has become much more accessible.

Why use drones for aerial photography?

The benefits of a drone based aerial photography are enormous. Besides the cost savings, a drone can get to places a helicopter can't, and it does it quietly so the environment is seldom disturbed by the cameras presence.

Why use Cape Drones for my project?

With the accessiblity of aerial photography thanks to drones, it is a must-have service for selling vacant land, showcasing houses (or toys), or just about anything that is looking to capture a unique perspective from floor to sky. Aerial photography gives your projects that majestic look that can only be captured from the aerial perspective. Seeing your home, land, or future investment from a bird's-eye view helps you really grasp the scope and scale of your project.

With Cape Drones, the sky is the limit, not your wallet. Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography needs.

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